Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hair Raising

It has been a while gentle readers, but a New Year means lots of blog posts planned for 2014.  There has been a lot going on behind the keyboard so to speak, and I have a zillion ideas and lots of topics for 2014.  Now I just need 26 hours in a day! 

Starting off, I am taking my hat off and will be putting my hair up with Kendra's hair raising new book on 18th Century Hair Styles.  

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Kendra is filling a gap, a huge gap, in the costume and reenactor world, hair is one of those places where as a group we all have struggled.  Getting the right angle and lift, the right hair pieces and overall look are very difficult for the average Miss or Mrs.  How many of us have said bad words in our bathroom at home, laboring mightily to get our hair ready for that special occasion?

If you don't do something very often, it is hard to master any task, so a guide is what is needed and Kendra is building that guide for all of us.

For more info visit her Facebook Page.   You will find a lot of teasers (uh, pictures of hair that involve a bit of teasing!).

18th Century Hair-Facebook Page
Over at American Duchess, she has been kicking it up a few inches and has styled her hair under Kendra's direction and it is smashing.  She will be blogging more about her experiments in big hair in the coming days.

American Duchess
Now that is a hairstyle for a Duchess!  

Kendra is doing a marvelous job promoting her new book, using all the tools the internet provides, especially social media.  With today's desktop publishing capabilities as well as print on demand technology it is very gratifying to see someone take an especial interest and turn it into a niche publication.  We all have something we are passionate about, and because people are so diverse so are the passions.  

Can't wait for my copy!  


  1. Ditto, ditto, ditto. By year's end perhaps I'll have my gown ready, courtesy your pattern, the shoes underneath, courtesy AD, and the hair to do it justice, courtesy Kendra. So neat to see the community providing for and supporting the community.
    Very best,

  2. Thanks so much for helping me spread the word!